On Tuesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has cited an internal survey of AAP to claim that over 56 percent people feel that BJP will suffer electoral losses due to its “conduct” regarding the terror attack in Pulwama and the subsequent rising of India-Pakistan tensions.

Hits back, BJP claims that it was a ‘shame’ that CM Kejriwal has “weighing the profit and loss” of heroic action of the soldiers of the country.

During a press release, the AAP Chief said that the survey was commissioned by AAP portrayed that BJP’s handling the conflict between the two nations is a “negative” light among people.

Later, CM Kejriwal took to Twitter, claims 56 percent in the AAP survey feel that BJP is going to suffer electoral losses due to its ‘conduct’.

While replying to a Twitter user, the Chief Minister of Delhi said, “The question was – will BJP gain or lose because of Pulwama and subsequent Indo-Pak tensions?”

In a stinging attack, BJP Legislator Vijender Gupta replied that Pulwama terror attack and its revenge is taken by IAF at Pakistan’s Balakot are the political context for Arvind Kejriwal but the center-ruling party considers it as an honor of the country.

Mr. Gupta was quoted saying, “It is a matter of shame that Kejriwal is weighing the profit and loss of the heroic action of our soldiers in this manner. That is why he has become Pakistan’s poster boy.”

He further accused CM Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party for “misguiding” people with their ‘fake’ Election Survey.

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