From March 10, the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has scheduled to launch its full statehood movement for Delhi.

On Tuesday, the AAP leader Gopal Rai said that the party has decided to launch the full statehood movement from March 1 but now rescheduled on March 10 with 1000 teams across Delhi.

Mr. Rai claims that now the AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will not go on a fast over the issue. Earlier, CM Kejriwal said that he will go on indefinite hunger strike from March 1 for the demand of full statehood for Delhi.

He continued that the party will also gear up for the forthcoming Lok Sabha campaign after a “no” from the opposition Congress.

Blames Congress for weakening AAP in Delhi, Mr. Rai said that his party was ready for an alliance not because his party is weak but for the country sake.

Mr. Rai further said that “the people of the country want to defeat the BJP. We were okay with the alliance as the grand alliance was of the view that anti-BJP votes should not be divided. Our teams and party members were also not ready for it, but we were thinking about the nation first, despite having hundreds of issue with the Congress.”

The AAP leader also claims whenever the opposition is strong, Congress wanted to field its candidates, adding that “the country wants that there should be single opposition candidate against the BJP.”

“But there is an undeclared alliance between the Congress and the BJP. This is clear from the actions of Congress. It is stubborn to put own candidate in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh,” added Mr. Rai.

Mr. Rai accused Congress’ final announcement, which it made on Tuesday that it wants to help BJP. “For them (Congress), the party is bigger than the country.”

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