Four accused, including a staff of Air India SATS, have been detained by the customs officials at the Delhi airport for allegedly trying to smuggle gold worth Rs. 63 lakh into the country, reads an official statement issued on Tuesday.

This is the second recorded case in which an Air India SATS staffs have been detained for trying to illegally smuggle gold.

Air India SATS is a 50:50 joint venture between Singapore-based SATS Limited and Air India Limited, offers an end-to-end ground handling services, which includes baggage and passenger handling, aircraft interior cleaning, and cargo handling services, among the others.

On Tuesday, a suspected man was intercepted after his arrival in India from Dubai. Detailed baggage and personal search of the passenger resulted in the recovery of two gold bars, weighted 1 kg each, said that the customs department in its statement.

Further inquiry reveals that the passengers were likely to hand over the gold to two others, who had arrived from Kochi, in connivance with an employee of Air India SATS, it said.

The market price of the seized gold bars is estimated to be Rs. 63.26 lakh, it said, adding that four accused including an employee of Air India SATS were detained.

On Tuesday, four other men, including an Air India SATS staff, were detained by customs official for smuggling gold amounted Rs. 95 lakh.

More details awaited.

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