New Delhi: 11 members of the family found dead hanging- blindfolded, gagged and hands tied this incident took place in Sant Nagar New Delhi. The incident shattered the mind of every people as bodies of seven women and four men, including three teenagers, has been found. Nobody ever heard about such mass suicide done by this family. According to the cops, 10 bodies were found hanged and one women body laid on the floor. Cops also found handwritten notes that indicate that family believed God would save them the moment they hang themselves. In addition, cops also revealed the clues they had gathered till date from house indicates the family observed some spiritual or mystical practices.

The bodies were identified as Narayan Devi(77), her two sons Bhavesh (50) and Lalit (45), her daughters – in – Law Savita (48) and Teena (42), her daughters Pratibha(57), her grandchildren Priyanka(33), NItu(25), Monu (23), Dhruv (15) and Shivam(15).

Neighbors confirmed that the family was religious. “ Every member of the family prayed thrice a day”, said Praveen Mittal, a close friend of the family. Another family close friend Hemant Sharma revealed that an accident and a subsequent “miracle” turned the Bhatia family deeply religious. Around 10 years ago, Lalit Bhatia, 45 had an accident. The accident had occurred when a plank of wood had fallen on Lalit, Who ran a plywood business. After that Lalit lost his speaking ability. The family tried all possible medications, but when that did not work, they began praying. Lalit Family attributed it to their prayers. It’s a family made up of very spiritual and religious.

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