According to the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, Congress will consider the progressive initiatives of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Parliament as the top priority if they acquire the ruling power in the general election.

Addressing the booth workers in Cochin of Kerala, the Congress Party Chief told, “The first thing we will do when we win the 2019 election is to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Parliament ”.

The Congress President also informed that more women representative will be recruited at all the levels in the party. Mr. Gandhi told, “We want to see more women in the position of leadership ”.

In a post on twitter, Congress legislator, Shashi Tharoor told: “Congress President @RahulGandhi begins his speech with a commitment to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill and appoint more women & youth representatives at all levels. ”

Congress President Rahul Gandhi started his speech with a commitment to pass the Reservation Bill for Women and also initiated about the recruitment of more youth and women representatives at all levels.

The bill, which attempts to reserve one-third of all seats for the women in the election of Lok Sabha and the state lawmaking assemblies, was initiated by Congress-led UPA government in May 2008. It also attempts to reserve one-third of the total number of seats for women among the Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Castes. However, the bill has been unsettled for a long time over lacking harmony of all parties.

The promise of the Congress President on the enforcement of the Women’s Reservation Bill passed in parliament comes a day after he told that if his party acquires the power in Lok Sabha election, will introduce a scheme which will provide a guaranteed source of income for the unprivileged people of the country. Familiar sources of the party claim that the party could promise an income of Rs 1,500 to Rs.1,800 for the individuals under a certain economic level.

Hence, the declaration of the arrangement of the source of minimum income plan came into the huge criticism from the opposition parties. BJP canceled it as a political gimmick, as well as BSP Chief of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati called it a “cruel joke” saying “Is this promise another cruel joke like the Congress’s promise of “garibi hatao“.


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