In the mob violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr a police officer was killed. An accused in the case was arrested by the police at last night. A local BJP youth wing leader, named Shikhar Agarwal, was caught from the town of Hapur, 37 km from the Bulandshahr.

On December 3, violence erupted around a police post regarding cow slaughter. Shikhar Agarwal released a video last month, blaming officer Subodh Kumar Singh for the violence. He accused the police officer to stop him and others from taking cow carcasses to the police post for filing a complaint about the alleged slaughter.

After one month of the mob violence, Yogesh Raj, a Bajrang Dal activist was caught by the police. He was dubbed “Accused no 1” in the killing of the officer.

Bulandshahr Violence, accused BJP Youth leader arrested 1 |

Shikhar Agarwal claimed in the video that Mr. Singh threatened to kill him and his aides. He has also accused the police officer of being corrupted and that he is supporting the Muslim community in cow slaughter.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Bulandshahr city) Atul Kumar Srivastava told to the sources that  “We are interrogating him and will produce him in the local court later today.”

On the basis of Yogesh Raj’s complaint, five Muslim men were arrested but due to lack of evidence, they got realise. After criticism, the police arrested 30 for the policeman’s murder.

Bulandshahr Violence, accused BJP Youth leader arrested 2 |

A young man too was killed in the mob violence. On January 1, the man named Kalua, who was accused of attacking the inspector with an axe, was arrested.

Prashant Nutt, the man who allegedly shot the officer, was arrested on December 28.

Jitendra Malik, another accused of killing the inspector was arrested on December 9 and is currently in judicial custody.



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