Over 2 swine flu death rumors, schools in Andhra Pradesh declares holiday - TNBCLive

In Andhra Pradesh, a village is facing social boycott over rumors of two swine flu death. However, local doctors clarified that swine flu was not the cause of the two deaths as their test results were negative but it does not convince the villagers.

A local doctor told the source that “the deaths were due to cardiac arrest. We have examined and found no symptoms of swine flu. We will make public announcements on the microphone to allay the fears of the villagers.”

45-years old Namcharayya and 32-years-old Mariamma died in Krishna district’s Chintakollu almost a week ago and soon after their death rumors spread that they caught deadly flu. No one from Chintakollu is allowed to enter neighboring villages and neither anyone from outside is visiting the village as well.

Villagers also accused that they are forced to get off the buses, school buses are rejecting the student’s entry, milkmen are also not delivering milk to villagers, and Chitnakollu suffers from water shortage until the district collector sent tankers.

A student from Chitnakollu said, “We are not going to school. No bus is coming. The principal has declared a holiday for us.”

The district collector has also reviewed the situation and immediately sent a medical unit to examine and clear the doubts arose among the villagers about Chitnakollu in their neighborhood. Strict action will be taken if people still boycott the village and villagers, reports a district administration officer.

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, several people died of swine flu in October, where there was a spike in the number of cases. Most deaths were reported in Andhra Pradesh with Chittoor, Kurnool and the temple town in Tripura, affected the most. Screening and testing centres were also raised at Railway Stations, bus stands and Visakhapatnam Airport.

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