On Wednesday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu hits out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calls him “chowkidar” for criminals. He dubbed BJP and YSR Congress Party as “husband” and “wife” and claims they act like outsiders.

During a roadshow in Nandyal, Mr. Naidu said that “the BJP and YSRCP are like husband and wife, but acting for outsiders. Why these masks? Modi, K Chandrasekhar Rao, and Jaganmohan Reddy should come out openly if they have guts. K Chandrasekhar Rao is hatching conspiracies to destroy the state. Modi became Chowkidar for criminals.”

Raising more allegation on oppositions, CM Naidu said, “Narendra Modi is taking revenge on minorities. If they want safety, Modi must be defeated. Jagan took votes of minorities in 2014, and joined hands with Modi.”

“We will stand by minorities. We will increase honorarium to imams from Rs. 5000 to 10000 and for moujams from Rs. 3000 to 6000. We set up Urdu varsity, built haz house, shaadi khanas. We will set up 25 residential schools for Muslim minorities,” added the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

Talking at length about the development of Nandyal Parliamentary Constituency, Mr. Naidu said that “ we will make Nandyal a separate district if you people let the TDP win with a huge majority. I will develop Nandyal as a smart city and will build an outer ring road. We will upgrade Agriculture College to university. We will make the city as seed capital.”

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