Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh called 2016 Demonetisation as a disaster and demands the elimination of currency notes of Rs. 2,000.

Mr. Naidu addressed his party workers and expressed his suggestions to make digital currency, which he thinks much cost-effective compared to physical one. He further blames the government for not implementing digital currency properly.

He also talks about the development of Andhra Pradesh’s Capital city Amravati and again blames the Central government for not offering funds and creating more difficulties.

The Chief Minister claims that “Construction of capital city Amravati is going on at a fast pace. High court buildings will be ready by the end of this December. Amravati bonds received an overwhelming response. The central government is not giving the money. When we try to generate funds on our own, they are making unnecessary allegations.”

Mr. Naidu continued that “The Central Government is not cooperating and not giving us the special status or the funds. In the last parliament session, our ministers fought well.  We are fighting with the center. The Centre is trying to create hurdles at every step. But we will not yield.”

He talks about several projects, which were introduced by the government to star interlinking of Rivers Krishna and the Godavari and to build 10 lakhs farm ponds as well.

“With Pattiseema project, Godavari water is supplementing the needs of farmers in Krishna river region. We are working on the Polavaram project. It is the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh and works are going on a fast pace,” added Mr. Naidu.

He once again blames the central government for not properly cooperating with the state. He said, “10 irrigation projects are complete, 10-16 projects are under the pipeline.  This time, despite less rainfall we could manage with tanks completely filled. Our focus is on developing agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture.”

Mr. Naidu announced to introduce an unemployment proposal on October 2.

He further asked his party workers and leader to think about the welfare of all communities and said that it is a responsibility of everyone to ensure that all section of the society feels comfortable under his regime.

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