Prashant Kishor, the skilled politician, made his political debut as the national vice president of Bihar’s ruling party the Janata Dal. He is the second most powerful man next to his president Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar at an event on Tuesday told the reporters that it was BJP president Amit Shah’s idea to appoint Prashant Kishor as his deputy minister.

The Bihar Chief Minister said, “For the first time, I would like to make it public that giving a party post to Prashant Kishor was not entirely my decision. I got calls from Amit Shah twice to give him a post in the party.”

Amit Shah Recommended Prashant Kishor As Vice President 1 |

Mr. Kumar also admired the election strategist Prashant Kishor and said that he has given the responsibility to connect the youth with the party for the upcoming national election. He added,  “Prashant Kishor has been assigned the task of attracting young talent, from all social segments to politics which was becoming inaccessible to those not born in political families.”

In the 2014 national election, the BJP party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was benefited by Prashant Kishor’s’ winning strategy. Not only that in the 2015 Bihar election Mr. Kishore also produced election gold for Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar acknowledged that Mr. Kishore had previously worked with them in the 2015 assembly polls and that he is not a newcomer for them.

Mr. Kumar’s revelation is being judged by many people that he is amenable to take suggestions from his union partner when it comes to appointments within his own party.

The President also assured that the choice would be made by the public, unlike other parties where family comes first.

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