A Maoists attack took place in Bihar’s Aurangabad that cost a life, was the fallout of a deal with a BJP leader- one to exchange the banned currency notes to the tune of Rs. 5 crores after the demonetization 2-years ago, claims the rebels. On Sunday, they had attacked the house of Rajan Kumar Singh, shooted his uncle and set up a number of vehicles on fire.

The posters they had left behind claims that the BJP lawmaker and his cousin were to help the exchange of banned notes. Mr. Singh has received old currency to the tune of Rs. 5 crores and the remaining amount of Rs. 2 crores was left with his cousin.

But the BJP leader did not hold up his end of the deal, said the posters. Neither he had helped Maoists to exchange notes, nor returned the amount as promised.

After Notes Ban, maoists leaflets claims money deal with BJP leader in Bihar | tnbclive.in

Over 200 people have attacked Mr. Singh’s house and have set the house and 10 vehicles on fire, on Saturday.  55-years-old uncle of Rajan Kumar Singh, named Narendra Singh was shot dead.

However, the BJP lawmaker had denied the allegations of the Maoist. He further held the police and the state government, who are responsible for the attack.

Mr. Singh also said that “The Maoist attack in the village is the result of mistakes of both the administration and the state government.”

“I had given an application to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the DGP for setting up a police station or at least a police outpost in the village, but no action has been taken. The administration and the state government are responsible for the incident,” added Mr. Singh.

The police did not rule out the accused links between the Maoists and the politician.

The sudden ban on Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes by the government of India in November 2016, which was done with the dual purpose of flushing out of the black money and stopped terror funding. Critics further claim that the exercise has fallen under both the heads.

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