Jammu and Kashmir Government has been handed over the responsibility to appoint a public prosecutor by the Supreme Court. The Kathua rape victim family, lawyer, and witnesses in the case are to be provided security.

On Monday the Supreme Court transferred the Kathua gang rape and murder case to Pathankot, Punjab. The case rules out the CBI probe while gets transferred outside Jammu and Kashmir.

Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, the lead of the bench ordered a hearing of the case and mentioned that the trial should be held on an everyday basis in order to avoid retard.

The case is to be an in camera hearing. Jammu and Kashmir government has the sole autonomy to engage its own public prosecutor for conducting the trial.

The district and sessions judge was adjured by the Supreme Court for a close and personal undertaking into the trial proceedings instead of assigning the case to any other judge. SC would oversee that there is no delay in between examination and cross-examination of the witnesses. The witnesses are kept secure by the State Government while traveling to Pathankot. Petitions associated with the case would be monitored by no other court other than the Supreme Court.

The order was passed on the petition filed by the victim’s father. The transfer was entreated as the family was prone to a serious threat. The lawyers in Kathua has ostensibly stopped the police from filing the charge sheet against the eight accused before the magistrate. Thus forcing the officials to get in touch with the judge at his residence. Supreme Court ordered that the trial would be held under the provisions of the Ranbir Penal Code valid in J&K. The state has been asked by the SC to translate the records and statements from Urdu to English. The court addressed that the father of the murdered girl and other people keeping a close connection with the case will be provided security.

The Apex Court said that the trial must be extremely fair towards the victim’s family and accused. The murdered girl was an eight-year-old from a migrant family. She was lost from an area nearby and later found dead about a week ahead of the incidence. The charge sheet opens the truths related to the rape and murder.

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