Inspired by Bollywood movie Special 26, four men pose as CBI officials to extort money in Ghaziabad - TNBCLive

Saturday, June 23, 2018- Ghaziabad police caught the gang of four men, who thought of being in a job of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) but executed their plan by cheating people, taking the name of the premier investigating the agency.

Vishal Dubey, being the leader of the Special 26gang, along with his cousin Vivek Dubey and another two of his friends, Rahul Sharma and Sandeep Kumar, got arrested in front of Samrat Hotel in Indirapuram this Friday. The two cousins belong to Bihar while the other two are students and residents of Bhovapur locality in Ghaziabad. They have cheated more than two dozen people.

The four of them, greatly being inspired by the Bollywood movie ‘Special 26’, which was being released on 2013, planned fake raids and also promised people jobs in the agency. The cheater mastermind wanted to become a CBI officer but lack of cracking the entrance exams he thaught of cheating people. The police recovered forged CBI letter heads, seals and ID cards from them. According to police, Vishal had tried to crack the SSC exams and wanted to join the CBI but he could not clear it.

Vaibhav Krishna, SSP, Ghaziabad said, “The four had been active for nearly two months. They wore khaki trousers and white shirt and posed as CBI sleuths. They hired an SUV and often raided people in name of checking. They would extort money from them on the promise that they would not be disturbed by the agency”. he also added, “Initially, they lured unemployed youths, promising them jobs in the CBI. Rahul and Sandeep were their victims but later they decided to join the cousin duo and work with them”.

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