On Friday, June 22, 2018, police reported that student of class 9, killed to death with a sharp weapon by his senior over a dispute inside a toilet of his school in Gujarat’s Vadodara city.

Vadi police station official, who was present on the spot, said that the body of 14-year-old was found inside the first-floor toilet near Class 10 with “multiple wounds all over his body inflicted with sharp weapons”.

The school official added, “Around 11.50am, a group of primary students informed some teachers about the boy lying in a pool of blood. He had breathed his last before the ambulance could reach”.

While addressing to the Hindustan Times, Vadodara commissioner of police, Manoj Shashidhar said, “The police have apprehended four students and interrogation is on. While it is clear that one of them, who is a Class 10 student, committed the murder. But one of the other three might have assisted him. The facts will soon be out”.

Preliminary investigation has also revealed that there was a dispute between both of the children for the past couple of days. Also in 2017, the seven-year-old Gurugram boy was also allegedly also killed by his senior student.

Shashidhar added, “The exact reason for their dispute is not known yet”. Police also reported that they found a school bag, which belongs to the accused, was being found on the terrace of a temple adjacent to the school building with weapons, including three big knives, and a bottle filled with chili powder water. Another 12-inch long knife was found near the body of the boy.

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