41 killed, violence spiked during halt on anti-terror operations in Kashmir - TNBCLive

Monday, June 18, 2018- According to the official, On Sunday, about 20 grenade attacks, 50 militant strikes, killed around 41people in Kashmir during the month-long suspension of security operations in the Valley. The government ordered the all the forces to take all necessary actions against militants.

After the announcement of the home minister, Rajnath Singh about the unilateral decision for the halt operations, Chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti was happy with the decision and greeted the move with a hope that it would end up the cycle of daily killings. She had also hoped that the center’s decision would continue even after Ramzan, paving the way for negotiations at a later stage. There was an abrupt spike in violence as militants ignored a decision of the Centre’s gesture.

According to officials, “there were 18 incidents of terror between April 17 to May 17 and the figure rose to more than 50 during the suspension of operations. The gunning down of senior Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari and his two personal security officers on June 14 pointed to a deteriorating security situation. The three unidentified gunmen made an easy escape from the highly guarded Press Colony. A fourth suspect even managed to steal a weapon of one of the policemen”.

The operation was neglected from May 17 till June 17, as from the day ordered resumed, the Valley showed of huge recorded of people dead, 41 killings. Sheraz Ahmad, died in a grenade attack, who was being killed on Saturday. Many of the people killed by security forces. Earlier, 4 people were killed during the month, two of them were killed in the last two days.

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