Sonali Bendre on how son Ranveer is her Support in fighting Cancer

Sonali Bendre on how son Ranveer is her Support in fighting Cancer

The actress in her bad phase trying best to create positive vibes around everywhere to fight with her cancer. Meanwhile, she is also being the boss lady and giving people parenting goals. During this period Sonali Bendre Son Ranveer is her biggest support. She also shared pictures with her son Ranveer and look wonderful together. The 12-year son dealing this situation very maturely and sincerely. He also becomes the biggest strength for her mother. This is not the first time when Sonali Bendre uploaded a post. She always uploads a new post with most heart melt caption and also becomes inspiring and encouragement for others.

“ I believe that it’s imperative to keep kids involved in a situation like this. They also a lot more resilient than we give them credit for. It’s important to spend time with them and include them, rather than make them wait on the sidelines not being told yet instinctively knowing everything. In our effort to protect them from the pain and realities of life, we might end up doing the opposite,” she expressed her encouraged emotion on Instagram.

The caption ended “I’m spending time with Ranveer right now, while he’s on summer vacation. His madness and shenanigans help #Switch on the Sunshine. And today, we drive strength from each other # OneDayAtATime,”.

by Priti on July 19, 2018

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