Salman Khan Didn’t Appear Before Jodhpur Court, Accused In Blackbuck Poaching Scam - TNBCLive

On Friday, popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan did not appear before a court in Rajasthan. He is accused of the 20-year-old blackbuck poaching case. On Thursday, the Jodhpur Court has asked Mr. Khan to appear before the Court. 

Superstar Salman Khan didn’t appear before the court referred to security concerned after a death threat given by a gangster last week, informed sources. Mr. Khan said that he is tied-up with film shootings, informed his lawyer to the court. The death threat that had a picture of the Bollywood actor with a red cross, was posted on social media by an account named “Gary Shooter”. 

The District and Sessions Court in Jodhpur is hearing Mr. Khan’s appeal against a verdict that sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment in the alleged poaching case in April 2018. The court will hear the case next on December 19.

Salman Khan is alleged of hunting down two blackbucks along with his fellow actors- Tabu, Saif Ali Khan, and Sonali Bendra during the shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain in a village in Jodhpur in September 1998. 

The Members of the Bishnoi Community have also lodged a complaint against Mr. Khan and his fellow companions. The Bishnoi Community basically worships antelopes. 

Mr. Khan was detained on October 12, 1998, accused of poaching endangered animals but subsequently granted bail. The other co-accused were released, with the court offered then benefit of the doubt.  

However, Salman Khan didn’t appear before the court since May 2018, when he was offered bail.  

The Jodhpur Police has informed that security was positioned outside the court premises anticipating that Mr. Khan would appear before the court on Friday. 

Salman Khan has been released by the Rajasthan High Court, accused in two other poaching scam involving chinkaras.

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