On Thursday, noted playwright and novelist Kiran Nagarkar, well-renowned for his books “Bedtime Stories” and “Cuckold”, died at the age of 77 in Mumbai.

After being sick for some time, he was admired to a private hospital in South Mumbai and offered treatment of brain hemorrhage, where he took his last breath last night, reported hospital source. 

Mr. Nagarkar was a famous novelist, screenwriter, drama and film critic, and playwright, who used to write both in English and Marathi. He was one of the most prolific writers of post-colonial India and also a winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award.  

Kiran Nagarkar was born in 1942 in Mumbai, his first novel was written in Marathi, “Saat Sakka Trechalis” published in 1974. 

His most popular works are “Saat Sakkam Trechalis” (Seven Sixes Are Forty-Three) (1974), “Ravan and Eddie” (1994), and the epic English novel “Cuckold” (1997), for which he was rewarded with the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2001. 

Mr. Nagarkar’s novel “The Extra” is a sequel to “Ravan and Eddie”, portrays the adult lives of Eddie and Ravan as extras in Bollywood, released January 2012. 

Completing the ‘Trilogy’, he has released “Rest in Peace: Ravan & Eddie”’ in 2015.

He has also released his latest novel “Jasoda” in November 2017. 

Mr. Nagarkar is one of the many personalities who were accused of aggravation, when the stir of #MeToo allegations hit the nation in October 2018. 

Three women journalists on social media had charged him of making unwanted physical contact with them.

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