On Monday, Priyam Chatterjee has became the first Indian Chef to receive the award of the “Chevalier de 1’ Ordre du Merite Agricoleto” by the French Government to recognise his contribution towards re-designing the gastronomic scene in India. 

30-year-old Priyam Chatterjee is well-known for re-designing the traditional dishes from West Bengal and gave it a French twist. 

Mr. Chhatterjee said, “I am living my dream at this moment because any form of words or dialogue will not justify this moment.”

He informed that the two major points are influencing his culinary practice were that of his family and French dishes. 

Priyam Chatterjee is born into a Bengali family of “exceptional cooks and artists”, where feasts are a sort of regular affairs. Therefore, it was quite obvious for him to love everything about food, be it cooking, serving, or eating. 

He noticed French Cuisine was his true calling during the early start of his professional career at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad where he met the popular French Chef Jean Claude, who has trained him to “learn French cuisine, precisely and with passion.”

The Chief said, “In the process, what he did was he made me fall in love with France completely!”

At present, Mr. Chatterjee is the Head Chef at Jaan Restaurant Yacht in France, ahead of which he has served as the Head Chef of Qla, and Rooh, both situated in Mehrauli. 

He also has a keen interest in arts and music.

A French Ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler said that “This is actually the first time that we are celebrating the talent of a young chef at this embassy by conferring this distinction,” adding that “This honour recognizes your talent and your commitment to promoting French cuisine.”

In 1883, the award of “Ordre du Merite Agricole”’ (Order of Agricultural Merit) is a differences bestowed by the French Republic for his outstanding contributions, among others, to agro-food industry, agriculture, and gastronomy. 

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