PM Modi’s Man Vs Wild Show Made Recorded Impression, Report - TNBCLive

Discovery Channel’s popular TV series of Bear Grylls, Man Vs Wild, episode featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made 3.69 million impression upon the premiere. 

This special episode, featuring the renowned survivalist and adventurer with the Indian Prime Minister was shot in Uttar Pradesh’s Jim Corbett National Park. It was aired on August 12 at 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel. 

In a statement, the channel has quoted the data from BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council ) said that the premiere has delivered the highest reach with 6.1 million tune-ins for the infotainment genre that is 15 times more as compared to the last four weeks average of the time slot of 9 to 10 PM in the urban markets. 

Discovery Channel continued that “the premiere slot performance grew an astonishing 50 times giving an unprecedented 93% channel share to Discovery channel among the infotainment genre.”

“Discovery Channel emerged as the third ranked channel with 3.05 million impressions behind Star Plus (3.67 million impressions) and Zee (3.3 million impressions). The show kept the viewers on the hook delivering an impressive average TSV of 29.2 minutes,” it added.

Discovery Channel further noted that the increasing reach for the popular show across the network – originals and repeat – along with DD National was a remarkable 42.7 million viewers. 

In highlight of the ‘special episodes’ success, the channel pledged to donate a “generous” amount towards the cause of Tiger Conservation in India.

Discovery Channel further said that “as part of our global Project C.A.T – Conserving Acres for Tigers, Discovery has partnered with World Wildlife Fund to ensure healthy habitats for future generations of Tigers by helping conserve nearly six million acres of biodiversity rich areas across four countries.”

“With this contribution, Discovery India will extend support to Tiger conservation program at Corbett Landscape and Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve in partnership with WWF India,” it added. 

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