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Stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj, who hosted the popular Patriot Act Show on Netflix, didn’t got a chance to say “Howdy, Modi” at the mega event in Houston, where the Indian Prime Minister and the United States President Donald Trump has addressed more than 5000 people of Indian-American Community.

Mr. Minhaj tweets, “Never got a chance to say Howdy Modi.

In the talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mr. Minhaj was quoted saying, “I have to be there. We submitted our press credentials and immediately got an email saying ‘we are out of space’. You are out of space in a football stadium? C’mon.”

The stand-up comedian continued that the organizers told him that he has been denied entry to Houston’s NRG Stadium “because of some of the comments you have made.”

“Wow. I am sorry for making fun of cricket,” replied the comedian, adding the organizers of the mega event then replied: “No. the comments you have made about Prime Minister Narendra Modi are not appreciated and you have been blacklisted.”

Hasan Minhaj routinely mocks at the current affairs in his comedy show on Netflix.

Draws laughter from Mr. Meyers, Mr. Minhaj quoted saying, “They (President Trump and PM Modi) were full-on swinging; it was a strange thing to see. But PM Modi had sold out NRG Stadium, and 50,000-plus people showed up. And then Donald Trump was all open. And I am like, oh, gotta go. This is like Jay-Z and Beyonce…so I gotta be there.”

He continued, “A lot of people in the Indian community don’t rock with Trump, but because of this weird pairing they just had to stand for DJT. Like, imagine if you got Ed Sheeran ticket for free at the sold-out NRG Stadium and a week before, there is a special guest, Bill Cosby. You got a monster but I really wanna hear Shape of You…”

Ahead of the mega event, Mr. Minhaj tweets his own picture with hands raised outside the NRG Stadium, “Here to celebrate two great nations coming together. India first but America first too. #HowdyModi”.

The “Howdy, Modi” Event gave Narendra Modi a chance to strengthen his relationship with Indian-Americans who are active political supporters. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has faced a largely foreign-born audience who could be a possible pool of voters that could turn out to be critical in the 2020 Presidential Elections.

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