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The most awaited Race 3 Trailer featuring Salman Khan in the lead role is out, yet social media highlighted the mistakes in a snap.

The trailer of the upcoming movie of the superstar Salman Khan was released at an opulent event at Mumbai on Tuesday. The film is more likely to prove an entertainer instead of putting a focus on logic. It also stars Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor, and Jacqueline Fernandez at the paramount.

To the astonishment of the audience, Salman Khan discussed the script of the movie at the launch event. “Race 3 script was offered to me two years ago but I didn’t think I fit in the genre. I asked Ramesh Taurani to make some changes because I didn’t fit in that genre. Once that was done, I thought it would be actually a lot of fun to do this film.”- He said.

The actor said that this was the first time when the screen would show him in a full blown “musical action bonanza”. “A film with big scale music, emotion, action, youth kind, which you watch, whistle in the end and go back home happy. This is one of those films, which I’ve never done at all.”-said the 52-year-old actor.

Here are some of the Twitter jokes that would make convulsed with laughter.

You can even change the car, no. Of car when you are @BeingSalmanKhan #Race3Trailer

Scriptwriter: [kicks the Fast & Furious Collection 7 Disc Box Set under the table hurriedly] [scribbles ‘family’ on a piece of paper]” Haan Bhai, bilkul ready hai”.

Who is Better Flying jatt ??
RT for Salman Khan
like For Tiger Shroff #Race3Trailer

In no time Twitter came up with these funny memes. However, while cross-examination it was found that whatever he said reflected in the trailer.

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