If Required, Will Decided On Regulating Online Content, Says Prakash Javadekar - TNBCLive

The central government is aware of concerns raised over the content on online platforms like Hotstar and Netflix, if required will take the decision on its regulation only after consultation with the stakeholders, said Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, on Thursday.

While speaking at the opening event of Jagran Film Festival in New Delhi, the Minister of Information and Broadcast claims that cinema is a medium of people and the government won’t let anything interrupting it. 

Mr. Javadekar said, “There are new concerns being raised, films are being shown on Netflix and other online platforms, what to do about them as there is no censor (to monitor). This is obviously a matter of discussion, but we will take any decision on this, if need be, only after consultation with the stakeholders.”

“This (cinema) is people’s medium and will continue to remain so. We will not let anything interrupt it. Make good films and make them available to people,” Mr. Javadekar told that the audience that had noted actors and filmmakers, including Farah Khan, Ketan Mehta, Anil Kapoor, and Producer Shobu Yarlagadda.    

Asserted that there is a rise in demand for Bollywood movies in foreign nations, said the Union Minister that cinema is soft power and the potential of Indian films is yet to be exploited totally.

“Cinema is a part of our lives, it has given us a lot of things and has connected people. The power of cinema is very important,” added Mr. Javadekar. 

The 10th edition of the film festival started with the premiere of Aparna Sen’s Bengali film “Ghawre Bairey Aaj”, which will continue till July 21. 

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