Cannes' swankiest party goes ahead without 'driving thrust' Weinstein - TNBCLive

The super-rich and star models mustered at the French Riviera on Thursday for a charity dinner which is appraised to be the most alluring night of the Cannes Film Festival yet the former American film producer Weinstein was a remarkable absence.

The movie based on the American foundation for AIDS research sadly missed the AmfAR dinner. However, no direct comment on the absence of the American filmmaker has come from his spokespersons. However, they said that he has assisted the event drive collections to the $170 million mark over the recent years and would “continue to quietly be supportive and passionate for AmfAR.”

“You’re going to literally sacrifice raising money for AIDS victims in the name of some dude and his bad habits?” said American actress Michelle Rodriguez while being asked whether the event had a nerve break due to the Weinstein scandal guests.

“I just have so much respect for so many of the women, and everyone, really sticking together and coming together to really make a big statement. And, a lot of people are not going to be taken advantage of ever again because people are making a huge difference right now.”- said Socialite Paris Hilton while appealing towards women empowerment.

Over 70 women had cited Weinstein for his acts that reflected sexual misconduct and rape. In the year 2017, he was brought down by a scandal for his ill deeds. However, he denied from being engaged in ant nonconsensual sex.

This provoked the ‘international Me Too movement’ that incited prompt actions against notable men in entertainment and politics too.

“A critical test for its viability was embossed by the AIDS fundraiser said the Hollywood Reporter in an article which was of the fact that it had become contaminated by the scandal owing to the erstwhile inclusion of Weinstein.

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