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A large snake was captured inside an ATM in Ghaziabad which went on viral on social media. The huge sized snake was filmed by local people slithering into an ATM kiosk and climbing into the ATM machine on  Wednesday. The incident comes just a few days after a monkey trashed an ATM in  Delhi.

The video was recorded at the ICICI Bank ATM kiosk in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The huge reptile is seen locked inside by a  guard and it was roaming  all around inside the ATM finding a way to get out. The customers started to  panic after seeing the snake. A few  moments later the snake climbed up the ATM and slithering into a hole near the top. “Ghuss gaya andar (It has entered the machine),” a customer is heard saying in the video.

The video has been widely circulated on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. The video has  gained thousands of views and comments. Take a  look at the video footage: 

Some people found the footage to be scary while some made fun of it saying, “It came to withdraw money, people horrified that innocent creature.”

Large Snake Captured inside a ATM in Ghaziabad, People panicked |

A user wrote,“Banks are known to have snakes in their boardrooms. Never seen one that enters an  ATM. I guess after the clean up of NPA and stoppage of loan disbursal services through phone banking the snakes in our system had to find a way to get the money out. Reminds me of Nagin the movie.”

Forest department officials later came and rescued it on the spot. Deeksha Bhandari, the Jagran, District forest officer said they were informed about the  animal’s presence in the ATM  and also informed that  the snake was non-venomous.

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