International flights totally banned for a week, Declares Centre - TNBCLive

Amid massive lock downs and entry bans imposed around the world to fight coronavirus, the Indian government bans all the domestic flights to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Only cargo flights will be allowed. All the airlines have to plan operations so as to land at their destinations before 11:59 pm.

International flights were already banned for a week and most of the land borders of the country have  been sealed. All the public transportation including trains, metros and inter-state buses were banned to stop the movement of people between states.   

The stricter option was taken after the number of coronavirus cases continues  to increase in the country. The number of total cases crossed 400 on Monday. Experts and scientists have warned that it may turn dangerous in a country like India – the world’s  second most populated country. So India is taking drastic measures to reduce the effects of the COVID-19.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee this  morning wrote to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to stop flights to Bengal. She mentioned in the letter that Bengal has stopped buses and trains but flights continued which was against the quarantine protocol.

The health ministry said today that a total of 19 states have come under total lockdown. Coronavirus has claimed more than 13,000 lives and some 300,000 people are infected all over the world. The pneumonia-like disease is spreading from person to person rapidly through contact or via respiratory droplets when a patient coughs or sneezes.  Not only India, several other countries all over the world have reduced flights due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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