Forest Official Shares Video of a Charging Lion in Gujarat’s Madhavpur Village - TNBCLive

A video has gone viral on social media in which a lion is seen running madly through a crowded area at Madhavpur village in Gujarat. The people on the spot are captured fleeing away in fear when they saw the lion coming to them.

In the seven-second video which was shared by an Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nand, with the caption, “Imagine someone charging at you at 80 kmph… Even Usain Bolt can’t escape (Average speed-38 kmph) from a charging lion. In such a situation, where will you find tolerance for each other other than India? Video from Madhavpur village of Gujarat.”

The video shows the lion trying to run away as a crowd of people stood in its way. Many other people were also seen capturing the running lion. This not the first time, such incidents are very common in the area.

Earlier on Feb 12, 2019, two people were injured after a lion attacked them after entering the coastal Madhavpur village. It is believed that the lions are from Girnar wildlife sanctuary. In July 2019, a forest labourer died while two others were severely injured in a lion attack. 

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