On Saturday, a heart-stopping incident took place at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China. A video made by a witness went on viral over the weekend which is showing that a young girl 8-years-old fell into a panda enclosure with three panda bears.

According to China Daily, the terrible incident caused the research facility in Sichuan, warns that the  Pandas are not as meek and docile as they appear, and even their keepers maintain a safe distance once the pandas turn 2-years-old.

Daring security guard saved a 8-year-old girl from Panda, in China. | tnbclive.in

In the video, the girl is seen huddled in a dry moat in the panda enclosure as two pandas move in slow motion towards her. A security guard tried to lift her up with the help of a pole but he was not successful. Hundreds of spectators are seen watching the incident holding their breath.

Then a third panda appears very close to the little girl and immediately the guard leaves the pole and reaches down and grab the little girl’s hand and pull her out the area safely.

Liu Guihua, the guard who pulled the girl out of the panda enclosure, has been widely praised on social media since the video went viral. The girl, meanwhile, was reunited with her parents and sent to a hospital for examination to ensure if she got any kind of injury.

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