Box Office Updates: 2.0 Successfully Bang The Screen With 95 Crores - TNBCLive

The recent release 2.0 is successfully running all over the world. The blockbuster film has gathered tremendous response on its first-day release as it is a most awaited movie for the audiences. The trailer already proved that the film is going to be hit and the biggest blockbuster of the year after Bahubali. The powerful action and acting performed by both Akshay and Rajinikanth. However, Akshay has seen in a negative Character and Rajinikanth ops ‘the Chitti’ (Rajnikant Character in the film) is playing the positive side of the film.

The film collects advance booking before its release, and its release in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages.

The film is India most expensive film with a budget of Rs. 543 crore.

As per the Box office at the day the films manage to collect 33 crores on its first day, but this Sunday the total Collection of the film to a staggering figure of Rs. 95.23 crore.

With a praise, Critics enjoyed the film and applauded the movie efforts, and also compared with Hollywood as well. The VFX and graphics have been used at a great level and very well versed during the characters played in the film. Critics and Audiences both are appreciating Akshay Character as Chitti already seen in the Robot part but Akshay character is most interesting to see as the looks and gestures of that characters are very attractive and iconic.

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