Abhisekh Bachchan, son of Amitabh Bachchan, has been famous for long in social media trolls. Trollers have always been targeting Abhisekh badly by calling him a ‘Flop actor’. However, AB always shows a positive attitude and replied tactfully to all those trolls.

Abhishek tactfully replied to some hilarious trolls/tnbclive.com

Recently, AB was spotted enjoying some happy time with his wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, someone tweeted-

“Not worked for last 3 years but has money for vacation! How?”


Junior Bachchan gave that troller an informative and stunning reply-

“Because, sir, I have several other businesses that I run apart from acting and producing movies. Sports being just one of them.”


Maniesh Paul admired his tactful fully to the troller. Mr. Paul tweeted

“Hahahahah u r awesome bro @juniorbachchan

AB’s reply was so hilarious that the troller had no other option left, just immediately delete his tweet.

In fact, it is not the first time that AB gave such a tactful reply to his trollers. He was even trolled after the announcement of the release date of “Manmarziyan”, his upcoming movie. Always there is full of trolling storm in Junior Bachchan life, unlike his father, Big B. Abhisekh faces all those disliking trolls like a champ.

Junior Bachchan replied best to most of the trollers and instantly gave them mouth shutting answers. Take a glance-

Trollers said in AB’s upcoming movie release date that, “Only Anurag will see this movie”. By ‘Anurga’ he means, the film Director Anurag Kashyap.     

AB made the entry and grabbed the attention by giving the troller a hilarious reply. Junior Bachchan replied-

“No. No. So will I”


Trollers even trolled Kashyap for casting other talented actors in his upcoming movie instead of ‘Flop actor’ Abhisekh Bachchan-

From K.K.Menon to John Abraham to Abhay deol to Manoj Bajpayee to Nawazuddin sidaqi to Ronit roy to Vicky kaushal…All Great choices. But wtf Abhishek bacchan? r u suffering from K.Jo syndrom? Its all about loving the film stars??”

 Junior replied again-

“@sabbathalast@anuragkashyap72yay, he called me a film star!”


After seeking attention, the troller returned and again tweeted-

I meant ‘son of film star’. K Jo ke friend circle me aane se choices bhi K Jo type ho gayi hai… Ranbeer, Abhishek.. what next? Tushar kapoor??”

 To this troll AB gave another instant funny reply-

Oh… You ‘mean’… Chalo, I’ll consider it a Freudian slip.
And BTW @TusshKapoor would be a great choice.”


Isn’t it hilarious?


Photo Credit: RVCJ

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