National Award winning Bollywood Actor Anupam Kher, who plays the character of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in “The Accidental Prime Minister”, claims that politics and cinema cannot be separated as one reflects the other.

The Accidental Prime Minister is based on Manmohan Singh’s years in office, had arose trouble even before its release.

Mr. Kher told the source that “Look when the audience is going to the theatre to watch a film, they are regular cine-goers and movie lovers. They are not entering the hall as a voter. But yes, when they come out, the film might linger in their mind then, cinema and politics cannot be separated, because they are a reflection of each other.”

The popular Bollywood actor also said that “A filmmaker or an artist really cannot figure out why people are voting for a political party. Some voters are loyalists; some are making a list of good and bad to choose a party and the government. How much can a film contribute to that?”

Mr. Kher further said that the film is all about a simple man, who was born into a middle-class family and with his merits, became the Prime Minister of India.

The Accidental Prime Minister is based on an eponymous book, which was released during the 2014 Elections, which the political transformation took place and the nation voted BJP to power. The book further gives an insight into the PM’s Office and individual journey of Manmohan Singh.

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