Popular TV actor Karan Oberoi was detained on charges of rape and blackmail, has appealed to Bombay High court for bail, after a Session Court has dismissed his petition for relief.

The court had dismissed Mr. Oberoi’s petition, noted that probe into the case was incomplete. Hence, it is unethical to release the suspect on bail.

On Monday, he has filed the petition through Advocate Dinesh Tiwari in the High Court. Mr. Oberoi further claims that he was falsely involved in the case and there was a consensual relationship between them.

The accused was detained earlier this month, after the woman having relationship with him since 2016, filed an FIR with Oshiwara Police Station, alleged that 40-year-old Karan Oberoi had repeatedly raped her on the pretext of marriage.    

The victim has also reported that Mr. Oberoi shot some of her objectionable videos and asked for money, while threatens to release them online.

Bombay High Court is expected to take up his petition for hearing in the coming weeks.

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