Today, the Bombay High Court has granted bail to actor-cum-singer Karan Oberoi, who is accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Oberoi was detained on May 5, after a 34-year-old lady reported that he desperately raped her on several occasional and further extorted money and costly gifts from her.

In the bail application, Mr. Oberoi claims that they were in a consensual relationship and after their relationship was broken off, the girl accused of being raped.

On Friday, Justice Revati Mohite Dere granted bail to Karan Oberoi on a fine of Rs. 50000.

While granting his bail, Justice Dere noted that the lady on May 25, “orchestrated” a fake attack on her and tried to describe it as if she was targeted, after she lodged complaint against him.

“…to ensure that the applicant (Oberoi) does not get bail, the complainant orchestrated an attack on herself,” added Justice Dere.

He further noted that the complainant wanted to tie know with the actor but he rejected the proposal and started to avoid her.

The talks exchanges between them showed that she frequently purchased gifts for him but without his demand, said the Judge.

Justice Dere also reproached police for the way the investigation was being conducted, adding that “Much needs to be said about the manner in which probe has been carried out. The police are yet to seize the mobile phones of the complainant. We expect the police to conduct a free, fair and impartial investigation.”

Earlier, Karan Oberoi’s bail petition was several times rejected by the Session Court.

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