On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people who are mocking at Indias first engine-less train Vande Bharat Express should be “punished”. On Saturday, India’s first engine-less train Vande Bharat Express had suffered a technical issue on its inauguration run. Regarding this incident, several opposition parties have done insulting remark and PM Modi has criticized them for insulting the engineers and technicians of India.
Opposition leaders accused the government of rushing the train’s launch and that it has led to the technical problem in the train. In a reply of these questions, PM Modi said, “Some people targeted and mocked the semi-high speed train. This is unfortunate. This is an insult to engineers and technicians involved in the project. People should remain alert against such people who are insulting engineers and technicians and mocking the country,” addressing a rally.
Showing his respect towards the engineers he said, “I salute engineers, who will in future make a bullet train in India and run it also…I am getting letters from people who are hurt.”
“Is it right to insult engineers and technicians? Is mocking them right. Can they be pardoned? Should they not be given the right punishment at the right time,” he further added.
Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi raised questions over the incident on Saturday when Vande Bharat Express while returning from Varanasi to Delhi broke down.
An official staff said that the control systems of the train had failed and people on board mostly railway officials and journalists were transferred to another train. Rest of the way to Delhi was covered by the train at a much slower speed and there it was repaired.
Mr. Gandhi mocked at PM Modi and tweeted, “Modi ji, I think Make in India needs a serious rethink. Most people feel it has failed. I assure you we in the Congress are thinking very deeply about how it will be done.”

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