A Railway Official And Three Companies In Telangana Fraud Worth Over Rs. 2 Crore - TNBCLive

A railway official and three companies in Telangana’s Secunderabad were accused of allegedly siphoning off Rs. 2.20 crore from railways accounts to fake firms using fraudulent bills. A case has been filed by the CBI against them, officials said today.

Accounts assistant V Ganesh Kumar, who was posted in the Expenditure Section of the South Central Railway and three fake firms have been named the complaint filed by the Railways.

They said, they suddenly came across 31 fake bills without GST numbers which were cleared in six months from October 2018 to April 2019, they said.

It has been alleged that Mr. Kumar has illegally generated and passed the bills in the name of fake firms around Rs. 2.20 crore into the accounts of the fake firms. “The preliminary inquiry also suspects the involvement of more officials of South Central Railways and private individuals,” they said.

The complaint also claimed that the bill registration,  internal check, passing, and confirmation are the main stages in passing the claims and each function needs to be performed by different officials.

“However, in these cases apparently all the activities were performed by the same accounts assistant. How he was assigned all rights in Integrated Pay Roll and Accounting System thus circumventing the multiple stages in internal check system is being inquired into in consultation with CRIS (Centre for Railways Information Systems),” it said.

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