For improving the stage of  India U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Pentagon chief Jim Mattis are heading towards New Delhi next week for an inaugurate set of high-level meeting- one more sign the West wants to deepen cooperation with India as a hedge against China. On the other end, some of the former Indians official believes that an understaffed foreign ministry is holding back Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to seek greater influence in line India’s fast-growing $2.6 trillion economy.

Shashi Tharoor a former junior foreign minister said “ We are woefully under-equipped” an opposition lawmaker who chairs the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs. He further added in statement that “this is not worthy of a country of India’s size and ambition and shows changes in a structure.”

The most urgent requirement is the need for a well- staffed foreign ministry in New Delhi growing more urgent, particularly as U.S President Donald Trump’s administration enhances outreach to National-International row that help to arouse India as a counterweight to China. It already making a turning point from New Delhi and pushing back against China’s Belt and infrastructure verge, which is encroaching on India’s South Asian Backward.

On the basis of plan execution India also has lots of unfinished goals. It stands in a position that angling for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, while trying to defend the goal mercuriality of its IT workers overseas as protectionism rises.    

Need to improve the Manpower

With 940 foreign officers, India is the most understaffed diplomatic corps of any major country – it can be compared with New Zealand’s 885 officers, or Singapore’s 850. Japanese and Australian services is outnumbered in large as it has around 6,000 people, the estimated 7,500 diplomats of rivals China and the U.S State Department’s service of nearly 14,000.  

On of the official believes on the matter of diplomat that the foreign ministry is aware of the shortage and it is working to bolster staffing. Another government official mention “ who worked not to be identified to speak about sensitive matter. It mostly increased requirement to around 35 new officers annually and borrowed defence and economic experts from other ministries on deputations.”  

Mr. Tharoor said on a Manpower statement that “India legation abroad also have only one ambassador and one other international diplomatic rack officer, leading to functions being performed by local staff who are under qualified or not qualified enough to perform them.”

On Foreign service Mr. Tharoor mentioned that “ the quality of candidates choosing the foreign service has declined.” it is also added that foreign travel become more commonplace and the glamour of diplomatic service faded, talented candidates started choosing to join India’s more powerful administrative, tax or police services.

“It shows that we have to make do with a diplomat who is only there because could not fulfill his dream of being a police superintendent” on the dream and goal of India Mr. Tharoor said.

According to the record, the pronounced of the shortage time was increased when PM Modi has increased his foreign travel, visiting nearly 60 countries in just four years. It also seen  that PM Modi has made five visits each to the U.S and China and four visits each to Russia and Germany. But due to the thin staffing it make difficult for India to follow up on his headline- generating reach.

The man who served as India’s ambassador to U.S. Lalit Mansingh said “ there are numbers of complained from diplomats in New Delhi, as they cannot get meeting with harried ministry staff.” he also added that “small foreign service was sufficient when we were a regional player, but now we want to be a global player”

On Stable mate

As India is making good relation all over the world on that note Mr Pompeo praised India on Independence Day for “taking its rightful place as a leading global power” and set an example to the world “ by supporting democracy, diversity, and the rule of Law.” According to the report, the country still makes loans to countries in South Asia and Africa as it hopes expand its impact. On the maintaining stable Ally PM Modi approved plans to open new missions in Africa between 2018 and 2021, including one in Djibouti.

Colonial- Era Exam

On the note of the Shortage of diploma persists explains that due to bureaucratic hiring process in which the ministry can take only who pass India’s colonial – era civil service exam.

On the maintain of Colonial- Era Exam the Foreign secretary said that the requested officers from outside the MEA to be deployed at headquarters and a total of 66 offices from other ministers were serving on temporary assignments in the ministry. There are more needs to be done as soon as possible.”

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