The government of the Bongaigaon district in Assam has launched an exclusive mobile phone application to inspire the voters, especially those who will be voting for the first time, to exercise their franchise in the Lok Sabha polls.

The mobile application has been named “Sankalp” (resolve) and a tutorial video has been introduced that how to use an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The app will also provide the electoral details of the voters. Bongaigaon Deputy Commissioner Adil Khan said, “It is our resolve to increase voter awareness among the youth in Bongaigaon by making them take a pledge through this app that they will be voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections”.

An in-house team of NIC has designed, developed and conceptualized the app under the direct supervision of the deputy commissioner. It is likely to say that the app will work as an interactive tool between the users and the election machinery.

“We developed the app with the objective of reaching out to the maximum number of people. The app is attractive and it will serve as a two-way communication tool. We are targeting one lakh downloads,” the official said.

“When our engineers designed this exclusive app, it was already linked with the digitized electoral roll of the district.

“Not a single penny was spent in developing the ”Sankalp” app as it was done by the district’s NIC team and two Assistant Commissioners under my guidance,” the DC said.

“We keep informing the voters about the electoral initiatives, while the users can also send their feedback,” he added. The voters were also requested by the District Election  Officer to exercise their franchise. The Bongaigaon election district has 1.7 lakh voters, including 11,000 first-timers and the app will be extremely beneficial for them.

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