On Monday, former SP leader Amar Singh described Azam Khan as “fifth and muck” of Indian politics who has allegedly made the snide “underwear jibe” against Jaya Prada. Amar Singh, the former Rajya Sabha member said, “Azam Khan is the filth and muck (gandgi) of Indian politics. He symbolizes all the evils of the society”.

Mr. Singh said it was “below dignity” for him to react to what Mr. Khan says. “Even in the last election he had distributed Jaya Prada’s morphed pictures, besides launching a vicious propaganda against me and her,” he added. Mr. Singh also accused Mr. Khan of making various anti-India remarks in the past and condemned him as a “symbol of foreign invaders” like “Nadir Shah, (Ahmed Shah) Abdali, Taimurlang, Chenghiz Khan”.

“Azam Khan is the one who earlier made derogatory remarks against Bharat Mata, feels ashamed of singing Vande Matram and proclaimed that Kashmir is not a part of India,” said Mr. Singh.

“He had also once said that the fund for celebrating SP patron Mulayam Singh Yadav’s birthday came from Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem,” Mr. Singh alleged.

Previously, Mr. Khan during a poll campaign rally made a disgraceful remark against his BJP contestant Jaya Prada. On Sunday, while addressing a rally at Rampur remarked,  he had realized only “in 17 days that she wears a khaki underwear.”

Mr. Khan was also criticized by Adityanath on Monday for his scornful remark. Adityanath called him as a man of  “mean mindset and personality”.

Mr. Singh raised questions over the silence of  SP’s Rajya Sabha member Jaya Bachchan and party’s chief Akhilesh Yadav’s MP-wife Dimple Yadav. “In the SP, the one (Jaya Bachchan) who cried over Nirbhaya episode, why is she silent? Is Dimple Yadav not feeling ashamed?” asked Mr. Singh.

“I pray to Goddess Bhagwati that she incarnates herself in Jaya Prada and demolish the demon (Azam Khan) of the politics,” Mr. Singh added.

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