On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) for multiple kinds of transport charges. The PM has called the card “One Nation One Card”. People will be able from now to pay various transport charges including metro services, bus travel, parking charges, toll taxes and even withdraw money.
Mr. Modi while launching the first phase of the Ahmedabad metro train service, introduced the NCMC. While introducing the card PM Modi said, “This card runs on RuPay card and it will eliminate all your travel related problems. Many times, we do not have change to pay in cash while traveling in the metro, bus or train, or for toll and parking. To overcome this issue, an automatic fare collection system was introduced.”
“Now, our dream of ‘One Nation One Card’ has been realized. People can also withdraw money using this Common Mobility Card. This RuPay card can be used for traveling in metros in any part of the country. In simple terms, we have merged the RuPay card with the mobility card,” the prime minister added.
He said confidently that India is no longer needed to be dependent on foreign technology. Mr. Modi further remarked, “Now, we have this ‘Made in India’ card. Only a select few countries have this technology of ‘One Nation One Card’,”
NCMC cards are actually bank-issued cards on debit/credit/prepaid card product platform. The user of the card will be able to make payments across all sections.

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