In recent times, when cancer is spreading as the most life-threatening disease across the globe, a biotech company of Israel has claimed that they have got the curable methodology of cancer and with the aid of this innovative methodology, the deadly disease like cancer can be cured by 2020.

Although diverse kind of medical treatments is available all over the world, no doctor can promise to cure the patients 100% of this deadly disease. But Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd, established in 2000 by the ITEK Weizmann technology incubator has made strong claims for curing the disease completely.

In an interview to a reputed daily, Aridor, the chairman of the board of AEBI, has declared that their cancer curing methodology will be highly effective from the starting day and will leave a long-lasting curable aptitude to the last week of treatment. Additionally, their medicines will have “ no or minimal side-effects”.He further told that the patients of this deadly disease can be cured of cancer by affording their low-cost treatment methodology available in the market.

The specific treatment which the biotech company named Mu Ta To is based on innovative SoAP technology, which emerges to the phage display group of technologies.

CEO of the biotech company Dr. Iian Morad told they began with recognizing why other cancer-related drugs and treatment does not work 100 percent and after the research, they found out an effective way to counter it.

Most of the cancer drugs attack a special prey on the cancer cell, but Mu Ta To attacks responding to cancer cells organs from three directions differently.

After successful research, Morad told that the company is now preparing to attempt the curable medicines on humans through this year. Therefore, they will most probably initiate the medicine in the market by a coming year.

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