On Wednesday, a technician of SpiceJet has died in a “freak accident” while carrying out daily maintenance work on an aircraft at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, reports official. The accident took place at 1:45 am. 

Airport officials have described the incident as a “freak accident”, claims that the victim technician got trapped in the aircraft door of landing gear while carrying out regular maintenance work. 

A senior airport official told sources that “the technician was carrying out maintenance work on the landing gear of a Bombardier Q400 plane belonging to SpiceJet, when the landing door accidentally got closed and he got stuck.”

Details of how the door unknowingly shut is being evaluated and a probe is being carried out. 

A case of “unnatural death” has been filed at Kolkata Airport Police Station, reports a senior police officer, adding that an investigation team has already visited the accident spot. 

Forensic experts are also present there to collect proof, based on which a report will be prepared, said the officer. 

He continued, “Our officers have reached the spot. We are talking to other staffers of the airline who were present there. We are trying to understand whether it was a technical glitch or the result of someone’s callousness.”

The landing gear door of an aircraft is generally a mechanism, which is likely to cover the landing gear during a flight, which comprises of three parts –  gravitational opening system, hydraulic opening system, and a hydraulic closing system.

The object of landing gear door is to guarantee both protecting of landing gear, and also maintain the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft. The doors are designed below the aircraft to ensure minimum area is open while landing gear extend out for the flight to safely land. 

SpiceJet is yet to release a detailed statement about the sudden death of a technician. 

Further details are awaited. 

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