On Wednesday, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has organized a conclave on the theme of “flying for all”, where over 200 delegates including leaders and regulators will discuss on opportunities and scope for expansion in the Aviation Sector.

On Tuesday, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu said that “this Conclave (the Aviation Conclave 2019) is about the future of Indian aviation — bringing together industry leaders, government and regulators for setting the tone and propelling us to realize our Vision-2040.”

Mr. Prabhu continued, realizing the “government’s vision of making ‘flying for all’ a reality underpins the government’s commitment to bring about a veritable revolution in the Indian aviation sector.”

Over 30 industry leaders will discuss and intend across five-key sessions issues such as roadmap for manufacturing aircraft, drone-ecosystem policy roadmap, and associated equipment including regional transport aircraft in India, the National Air Cargo Policy, the Project Rupee Raftaar-aircraft financing and leasing from India, as well as the mission to transform Indian Airports into Next-Gen Aviation Hubs.

The Minister of State of Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha said that “Over the last five years, the Indian aviation sector has seen tremendous growth backed by judicious regulations and appropriate policy support. With more than a hundred commercially-connected airports, aviation is now central to the lives of Indians.”

The Civil Aviation Ministry’s press statement reads, “The deliberations (at conclave) would throw up key catalysts to fast-track the holistic and broad-based growth of the passenger, cargo and MRO sectors. Over 200 delegates will take part in the discussions.”

It continued that “Indian civil aviation industry is undergoing an unprecedented era of expansion, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers, modern airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, advanced information technology (IT) interventions and strong focus on regional connectivity.”

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