Tony Fernandes the Air Asia Group CEO apparently swayed with the government servants for clearances, change in regulatory policies and the shifting of existing riles for obtaining international flying licenses.

On Tuesday the Central Bureau of Investigation has filed a case against the CEO of Air Asia Group Tony Fernandes and others over the apparent breach of the norms for getting an International flying license.

The core factor behind the case was a violation of norms by the directors of the aviation company. 5/20 rules were slackened in the aviation sector in order to obtain licenses for overseas operations in addition to the violation of Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) rules.

The officials said that the company requires at least 5 years of experience and 20 aircraft to meet the eligibility criteria for the license.

Apart from this the FIR has named plenty of officials from the Air Asia Aviation Company including- “Tony” Fernandes, Group CEO Air Asia Malaysia, the company Air Asia, Travel Food owner Sunil Kapoor, Air Asia Director R Venkatraman, aviation consultant Deepak Talwar, Director of Singapore-based SNR Trading Rajendra Dubey and other unnamed officials.

The officials said that the CBI is looking for the accused at six locations in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. Tony Fernandes has been found guilty of apparently seeking to influence the government servants for clearances and the amputation of the 5/20 rule of aviation.

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