Operations of all KFC outlets has been temporarily suspended in Mongolia to conduct an inquiry, as more than 42 people were hospitalized and hundreds showed symptoms of food poisoning after eating food at KFC.

Last week, the incident took place in Ulaanbaatar and was caused due to poor internal hygiene checks, reports the city’s Metropolitan Professional Inspection Agency. It continued that 247 people had detected with food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea.

Preliminary inquiry reports suggest that it caused due to poor water supply in the KFC restaurants, where bacteria had bred, said the agency.

KFC is a part of Yum Brands Inc., opened its first outlet in 2013 in Mongolia and currently has 11 outlets in Mongolia, all in the capital. KFC is operated by its franchise partner, named Mongolian conglomerate Tavan Bogd Group.

Today, a spokesperson of KFC Global told the source that “We deeply regret the negative impact that many people have suffered, especially to our guests of the Zaisan restaurant, and we are working to support our team members and customers during this difficult time.”

“KFC Mongolia is cooperating fully with the government’s investigation and recommendations around addressing the source of the incident. This includes a thorough investigation of all KFC Mongolia restaurants, and specifically into determining the exact cause of the reported incident,” she added.

Tavan Bogd has apologized in a separate statement, claims that the incident took place due to weak internal quality checking and daily standards and rules were implemented poorly.

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