Cognizant top Management decides to make more junior rooms

Cognizant top Management decides to make more junior rooms

Cognizant said that now it time to cut jobs of senior-levels as likely to invest over $35 million in unemployment costs, during the reaming months of the year. Even report suggests that the second-quarter revenue, which expectations missed by the analysts.

In the second half, Teaneck, which is a New Jersey-headquartered company, has to pay off 22% as a rate of company’s attribute to their performance management team, in order to increase worldwide crazy for tech talent. Cognizant has already slashed a number of headcount in 2017 by as much as 4,000. However, the company previously has offered jobs to almost 400 senior executives with voluntary retirement options.

Cognizant President, Raj Mehta said in an interview with ET that “This one is really targeted towards the senior end of the pyramid. It is not voluntary, this is more involuntary. We are trying to clean up the higher end of a pyramid and allow our associates to grow.” However, Mr. Mehta did not clearly mention the number of targeted senior employees in this layoff round.

Cognizant top Management decides to make more junior rooms |

He continued refereeing this step as a part of the global exercise. Therefore, it is not focused on any particular zone and Cognizant’s headcount has grown high in the quarter. The company’s headcount rises by 7,500, which is followed by 2, 68,900 in the second quarter.

Karen McLoughlin, Cognizant CEO reports in a post-earnings conference call that Cognizant had distributed its process of promotion and risings. In the third quarter, she said that junior employees of cognizant have been promoted in more numbers and senior employees will be promoted in the fourth quarter.

For the financial year, Cognizant pursue the January to December calendar.

Mehta expresses that Cognizant is still going through its reviewing process but did not mention in details average promote with a hike, the employees could achieve. He continued, “The good news is that we had a really healthy margin to fund the raises and promotions.”

Cognizant top Management decides to make more junior rooms |

In the second quarter, the company had incurred $4.01 billion in revenue, which is up by 9.2% compared to that of the previous year. David Koning with concern to US brokerage analyst RW Baird mentioned in a note that “Revenue of $4.01 billion was slightly below consensus of $4.03 billion. Q2 revenue was ~ 0.5% below consensus, but stock not priced for perfection.”

In this full year, the company restated its targeted revenue of between $16.05 and $16.30 billion, which is its 8-10% implying growth. However, in the third quarter, the company expects incurred revenue of between $4.06 and $4.10 billion that is 1.2-2.2% implying sequential growth.

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 3, 2018

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