Beneficial Measures Included in 2019 Union Budget Evaluated by Women Entrepreneurs - TNBCLive

Since the past 71 years of becoming independent of India, the women empowerment has been always a great concerning challenge for the governments for making budgets more justifiable to the countrymen. In the Interim 2019, Union Budget has not followed any different path apart from focussing on the women development related sensitive issues. The Interim 2019-2020 Budget which is presented in a wrapper of “pre-election populist” budget failed to impress most of the women entrepreneurs according to the survey report published by the media.

Some dissatisfied self-dependent women felt it was merely initial service, while many of them greeted the moves has included in the current budget for strong upliftment of rural women but told also that the budget could not be able to fulfil the remarkable criteria of entire ecosystem perspective. One of the most significant measures declared by the Interim Finance Minister Mr Goyal included in the Interim 2019 Budget was the Ujjwala Yojna, through which 6 Cr LPG gas connections have been distributed claimed by the NDA the government and expected to reach the target of 8 Cr in the coming year. The Indian Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal informed that 70% among the beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojona are women. Apart from, according to the measures of the 2019 Union Budget, sourcing requirement from SMEs has been increased up to 25% by government enterprises. Among this development, at least 3% will be obtained from women-owned SMEs according to the Interim Finance Minister of India.

According to a survey report, the founder, as well as CEO of a reputed enterprise, claims, “The broad narrative of the Interim Budget 2019 is one that is pro-economy, pro-development. The 10-point agenda in Vision 2030 lays out a sharp roadmap for India’s growth. INR 1,330 Cr provided for Protection and Empowerment for Women at the Budget 2019. These are much-needed steps of a progressive nation. ”

The Interim 2019 Union Budget further focussed on the benefits of the government-directed maternity leave of 26 weeks and the Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana for providing the financial aid to the pregnant women while allowing them to participate in work.

In the voice of a self-dependent woman owner of the reputed enterprise, these inclusions sounding like a progressive India. Though the most important question has been raised here: Are the measures implemented in these specific Yojana of the 2019 Union Budget is sufficient for the empowerment of the women of the country? Or has the ruling government taken enough initiative for supporting the women in their startup ecosystem?

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