RIP Tata Nano. World’s cheapest car goes up in smoke

RIP Tata Nano. World’s cheapest car goes up in smoke

RIP Tata Nano- Tata Motors has decided to close the production of its Nano which had been in production since 2008. There has been a moment of silence for the world’s cheapest car which ran out of production after 10 years of its launch. The Tata Nano was undoubtedly a success in India. It fulfilled the dreams of every middle-class family who had once aspired to get a four-wheeler. Tata Motors LTD produced only 1 unit of the car low from 275 in the same month last year. Exports had become null in comparison with the last year. Tata Motors has given a public statement that the car’s production cannot exceed beyond 2019. “Present form cannot continue beyond 2019”.

The close of the car is to be marked as a lesson to the car makers who are planning to launch a budget car in India. The gimmick to a car that has more value has been unveiled. Consumers in India have been more conscious about quality, thus the sales of Nano had been ceased.

The failure of Tata Nano in the Indian markets had been in a striking contrast to the rest of its competitors in the Indian car market. From bikes to trucks every automobile segment is tending to rise In June the sale of passenger vehicles had picked up by 38%. While the commercial vehicles sales rose over to 42%. On the other hand, two-wheelers had also been sold more than 22%.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, one of the biggest car sellers had a production with the electric vehicles that are not existence and the babble over the defined segment. India has a market where electric vehicles have a very less existence. The future mobility lies in autonomous vehicles.

Yet the India automobile manufacturers have been tending towards becoming innovative. The widespread use of the value based vital force in the frugal engineering.

by Sawan Kumar on July 12, 2018

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