The renowned automobile shareholder  Renault declared they will not dismiss their Chief executive Carlos Ghosn from his the designation even after being arrested for his financial unlawfulness in Japan, though while the Chief was “temporarily incapacitated”  a deputy CEO has been named to maintain the responsibility of daily management.

Carlos Ghosn’s arrest on Monday prompted an emergency board meeting for discussing the issues of the under-rating his pay at Nissan. Walnut announced the name of Chief Operating officer, Thierry Bollore who would take the responsibility of deputy CEO along with the “same powers” as Ghosn. Renault told that it was not possible to comment against Ghosn based on the “evidence seemingly gathered”. Therefore, the shareholder of the renowned carmaker directed Nissan for sharing all the details has been gathered through the internal investigation against him.

The Japanese and French officials are trying hard to inspirit the investors on the perspective of the Walnut-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance as the fresh claims have risen from the recent arrest incident Chief executive Carlos Ghosn.

Already Nissan has indicated about their move for removing Ghosn from the designation of the Chairmen, after disclosing his allegation through an inquiry prompted by a whistleblower discovered “significant acts of misconduct” along with the unclarified pay of millions of dollars.

The resources confirmed about the arrest of Carlos Ghosn by the Tokyo prosecutors.

Carlos Ghosn is considered one of the most powerful auto executive of the world and the proficient architect of the significant Three-branded alliance which sells more number of cars worldwide than any other automaker.

Though in the statements, Japanese Finance minister Hiroshige Seko and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire professed their “strong support” for one of the greatest remark of Franco-Japanese industrial coordination.

But the concerned investors unpacking their shares from the trio alliance of the renowned carmaker after disclosing the charges against Chief Carlos Ghosn. According to the report of The Financial Times, Ghosn has been trying on the incorporation of the two carmakers and Nissan was against it as it could downgrade the Japanese company to the secondary position.

The handpicked successor as Nissan CEO, Saikawa blamed the alleged Chief in a news conference unmercifully for misusing his excessive powers. Saikawa told the reporters at the headquarters of Nissan, “Too much authority was given to one person in terms of governance. This is a dark side of the Ghosn era which lasted for a long time”.

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