Putin Wins Russian Elections For The Sixth Time

Putin Wins Russian Elections For The Sixth Time

Moscow March 18- Russian president Vladimir Putin won the elections for the sixth time consecutively when the result was declared yesterday according to the media sources. The president was declared the winner after he defeated his opponent Pavel Grudinin with a landslide victory on Sunday. Putin has won at the time when his ties with the western countries were in doldrums according to the president. This triumphant victory will ensure his rule in Russia till 2024. Putin assured his countrymen that he would utilize his present term to strengthen Russia’s position against the western countries and for the improvement of the living standards of the common people of Russia.

The Central Election Commission of Russia declared Putin the winner after only 70 percent of the poll result was declared. The president greeted the general public for their love and support in a public meeting near the Red Square after the announcement. He described his victory as a vote of confidence earned in hard times. The ruling party got 80 percent of the total vote and the president was already predicted as the winner for the sixth time by the experts Putin’s challenger and leader of the Communist Party Pavel Grudinin got 13 percent and nationalist leader Zhirinovsky got 6 percent of the total vote. None of the seven contenders of the presidential position could resist Putin ‘s landslide victory. The opposition leader Alexei N avalny was barred from contesting the election by the Central Election Commission for charges of corruption. However,the critics of Putin accused him for a low voter turnout during the elections. The Central Election Commission also admitted that some sporadic incidents did happen during the elections but the overall process was peaceful.

The speaker of the upper house Valentina Matvyenko also described the victory of the president as a moral one and greeted him for winning for the six time as the president of Russia.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 19, 2018

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