Military Creates An AI That Can Run A Software Automatically

Military Creates An AI That Can Run A Software Automatically

Washington May 18 – If you are tired of writing your own boring code for new software . do not worry the US military has a solution just for you. They have created an Artificial Intelligence that can run a software automatically. BAYOU is a learning tool that basically works like a search engine for coding: If a person asks what type of programmes he wants to perform with a set of keywords, and it will give him a java code that will do what the person wants it to do. The tool was the brainchild of a team of computer scientists from Rice University who received a grant simultaneously from the military and Google. In a study conducted earlier this month on the preprint server arXiv, they demonstrated how they created BAYOU and how it can help programmers to solve.various difficult problems BAYOU collected the source code for about 1500 Android apps, which comes out to 100 million lines of Java. All that code was entered into BAYOU’s neural net, resulting in AI that was cap0able of, programming other software. If the code that BAYOU read included any sort of information about what the code does, then BAYOU also understood what those programs were intended to go along with their work. This contextual information is what lets the AI write functions. The software is based on just a couple of keywords and basic information about what the programmer wants.

The students of Computer science majors will be happy as their homework may become much easier from now. Teaching people about coding may become simpler and more intuitive, BAYOU is still in the initial stages, and the team that created it is still experimenting with their technology.

BAYOU can merely generate what the “sketches” of a program according to the researchers. These sketches are required to be divided together into the larger work, and they may have to be implemented to various projects. Though the technology is in its primary stage, it is much less time-consuming, and much simpler for her to use overall, for a human operator to perform.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 21, 2018

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